London – UK Prime Minister Theresa May marks her 100th day in office today following a clash with her European counterparts.

With Brexit beginning to take shape May attended her first EU summit on Thursday, where she told fellow leaders that she hoped Brexit would cause as little disruption as possible. She predicted repealing the UK’s treaty would take just one year, according to an official with knowledge of the closed-door talks

In a likely taste of things to come when formal negotiations start, German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned Britain faces a “difficult path,” while French President Francois Hollande was clear:

“Madame May wants a hard Brexit, that means hard negotiations.”

EU President Donald Tusk also told May that her desire for the UK to be a “strong and dependable” partner may be easier said than done as he ignored her protests to say that the remaining 27 members would continue to meet without Britain.

May insisted the UK should play a “full role” until the split is finalised. EU officials again said there would be no informal deal-making before the UK invokes Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty in the new year.