Comair launches urgent application

Johannesburg – Comair on Tuesday said it had launched an urgent application to interdict the Air Services Licensing Council (ASLC) from suspending its domestic license.

This is pending the outcome of a review by a court of law over FlySAfair’s three-year long complaint against airline’s foreign shareholding.

FlySAfair had lodged a complaint with the ASLC against Comair’s domestic air service license during the 2013/14 reporting period.

The complaint consisted of the allegation that the Comair had breached its air license by failing to apply for a license amendment after undertaking a share repurchase programme.

A second complaint was that when a “look through” construction was applied to the Comair’s current foreign shareholding component, the amount of its shareholding slightly exceeded the restrictions specified in the Air Services Licensing Act.

Licensing requirements limit the foreign shareholding and voting right in domestic airlines to 25 percent.