Prince EA is fast becoming one of my favorite inspirational people to listen to online. His short video bursts are generally insightful, well thought out and full of useful life tips. His most recent video titled ‘Choose Your Friends With Caution’ is perhaps one of his most important.

He starts off by reminding us of a 20 year study done at Harvard that found our physical health is determined more by your relationships than the food you eat, the exercise program you’re on, or the genes you have inherited. And goes onto explain more about why choosing our friends carefully is so important …

Are you a pigeon or an eagle?

Take a minute today to think about how your relationships affect you positively  or negatively. If you feel that some of your friendships or relationships are draining you of your energy and perhaps holding you back then you need to confront them and in the nicest possible way let them go, so that you can soar and be the best person you can be.

It is only when you are truly happy and at your healthiest that you can be a real positive influence on those around you so don’t think of this as a selfish act because it is not. It is simply a step in the right direction for you and those around you.