As a person I am always DELIGHTED when people take the time to wrap up their thoughts, feeling and reasons in an accessible package, to be shared and understood by anyone. These illustrations come to us from the Quiet Revolution, a site geared towards empowering and explaining any typecast behavior.


Introverted individuals have a different neural path carved out. In the introverted brain there are longer neural pathways that  pass through the areas associated with planning and long term memory.  The study also found that people that classified as introverted have twice as much blood being pumped into their brains. This examination takes them longer to process but they get more out of the event witnessed.

Illustration of introvert process

The baseline for stimulation keeping people awake and alert is much lower in introverts opposed to extroverts. This lowered baseline means that they get over stimulated easier and with less.


A staple in introverted personalities is a comparably more quiet life. From the extroverted opinion this is ‘boring’ or ‘fulfilling’. That low base line we talked about earlier, comes into play here as well. That lower baseline translates chemically in a couple of ways, one of these ways is that they also need less dopamine. An introvert makes use of this feel good chemical more efficiently, so a night at home has great rewards.

introvert process

Extroverts are rewarded more strongly rewarded for gambling, taking risks or surprises than introverts. Introverts did not respond as strongly as extroverts in this study.

Illustration of introvert process

The introverted brain reacts to stimulus with few degrees of change. Whether an introvert is reading a book, talking to a person, sitting on a bench or whatever the case may be their brain treats the interaction the SAME. This explains a lot.

Illustration of introvert process

While this person isn’t chatting up a storm, they are having a dialogue, just not with you. Don’t get offended, there’s a lot of experience comparing, decision making, and planning going on in that skull. While you may not need to spend this amount of time on  the internal mechanizations, please be considerate and let other’s do what they are comfortable with.