A person’s blood type is determined by different antigens that are able to attach to red blood cells (also other cells) in your body. The converse of these are antibodies, which are an immune response designed to attack invading pathogens. If you have type A blood, you will produce antibodies for B antigens, type B blood produces A antibodies, AB blood produces neither, and O produces both.

This is important because if you ever need a blood transfusion, you need blood that is compatible with the antibodies your body produces.


For example, type O is called a ‘universal donor’ because it can be compatible with A,B, or O blood types, and type AB is known as a ‘universal recipient’ because they can receive all three types. Type A people can only receive type A or O blood and type B can only receive type B or O blood.

In certain East Asian Horoscopes (particularly Japan and Korea), your blood type is an important indicator of your personality and relationship compatibility with another.

Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised to be asked what your blood type is if you ever find yourself visiting this area! They simply are trying to determine how you will interact with them.

It is even common to find books in both of these countries that will tell you all about your blood type.

Could your blood type indeed be an indicator of your personality and how you might interact with others? check out this graphic and see if the description matches your personality!