In one incident of a woman coming into her primary care provider, whom gave her excellent and proper health care in her time of need by applying evidence-based evaluation guidelines to her circumstance and was able to avoid unnecessary x-rays, was reduced in his salary for not providing all the necessary “credentials” in providing her all the health care she needs.

Unfortunately, since the situation was only a sprained ankle, he was examined in his procedure and was found that he did not provide a mammogram, diabetes screening, and was then punished with a end-of-the-year penalty for failing to meet these quality standards.

Even if it was just a sprained ankle, he failed to provide all necessary components in the eyes of the medical field. This is one of the many reasons that healthcare providers are now very dissatisfied with their jobs.

Essentially, with all of these rules and regulations within the medical field, it may seem daunting at times when you only provide the necessities and are then deducted from pay due to not providing ALL the essentials at that given moment. Personally, I would be a little annoyed if I only came in for an ankle sprain and then was told to take all of these other fields of examination for no reason.shutterstock_144337669

What it all boils down to is the watchful eye of insurance companies that keep a firm stare on healthcare providers and when they do not meet up to the quality of care, they are then held financially accountable when they do not perform these medical standards.

Physicians no longer hold an independent decision for their patients but are now forced to be bureaucrats that are to check boxes of medical work for their patients.

shutterstock_245905552Essentially, physicians are torn between professionalism and accountability.

Leaving them unable to entirely focus on the personal needs of their patients and instead are more focused on the credentials required to have a full payments worth of work.

We must all keep in mind that our healthcare providers do their best for all of us and our needs, but must also recognize that they are now held responsible for nearly anything they do not provide or meet up to in the medical field when it comes to our wellness.