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Have you ever had a moment to yourself where you witness nothing but synchronicity all around you at the same time? Do you ever think to yourself why this happens only when you aren’t busy or doing something else to even notice it? Synchronicity is everywhere and is happening all the time in your daily life. Whether you choose to see it or not, synchronicity is a very big part of our every day life.

Synchronicity is a way for us to observe and attract the opportunities and people into our daily lives that we may have accidentally missed or just simply ignored because we were too busy at the time.


It’s a good thing to take a moment and soak everything in before you continue your busy day. There are always new doors of opportunity opening for you by the minute, just by you thinking about the endless potentials that synchronicity can bring to you.

Whether it’s a number that you see reoccurring every hour, a name that you have been hearing frequently, or a seeing one smashed up car after the next, these are all thanks to synchronicity. For me, I take it as some form of a sign that the universe is trying to tell me to be alert or aware of something.

Say I had been seeing a lot of smashed up cars recently, I’d be way more alert about crossing streets, driving my car, or anything dealing with my vehicle/vehicles in general.spiritual-evolution_OMTimes_bigstock-Flight-Of-Butterfly-Girl-53691094

Take every bit of synchronicity in as much as you possibly can. Remember that even in your own life, the life around you is always trying to grab your attention in some shape or form.

Open your heart and mind to the universe, then let everything unravel before you as you go about your business.

Tell us some of your times of synchronicity. Do you think it’s merely a rare occurrence or is it because we aren’t paying attention enough?